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Intern Blog - Mechanics Bank Vintage Grand Prix

Jenna Knott, PR & Marketing Intern | Maumee, Ohio | 2013 Graduate, Ohio University

The Mechanics Bank Vintage Grand Prix race weekend was a change of pace for me. While I am used to spending majority of my time in the Media Center, I was posted in the infield all weekend. Our car corrals were set up throughout the infield along with our registration tent for the two car shows that took place this past weekend. However, with the copious amounts of rain we had, the infield flooded most of our corrals and sunk our tent! The infield pond was dubbed Mid-Ohio Lake. Of course, we adjusted, relocating all of the corrals to champion row, including our tent; this meant taking off our shoes and getting a little muddy. With the help of our amazing staff, we managed to overcome this obstacle. The rain cleared up enough for everyone to enjoy themselves at the car shows and parade laps on Saturday and Sunday. I had a great time interacting with the dedicated fans who stuck it out through the rain, getting my hands a little dirty and watching the races. Overall, I’d say it was a successful weekend!

Mike Scholze, PR & Marketing Intern | Wooster, Ohio | Senior, Ohio University

After working my first race of the year, the Diamond Cellar Classic, I knew, or thought I knew, what to look forward to for my second race weekend with the Mechanics Bank Vintage Grand Prix. My responsibilities changed greatly during this race weekend. I spent most of time in the infield, working and organizing the car shows that took place throughout the vintage race weekend. Other than the rain that made us make a last second change in location, the car shows were a blast. I really enjoyed interacting with all the car owners who entered their car in the British Car Showdown and the Concours d’Elegance. The car owners came from near and far (including my hometown of Wooster!), and all had different, interesting stories about their cars. Taking a look at the 300 cars that made it to the infield car show during the weekend didn’t hurt anything, either. After the Independence Day weekend off, it will be great to back at the track for something new, motorcycles!

Kyle Richert, Corporate Sales Intern | Mount Vernon, Ohio | 2013 Graduate, Ohio University

For the Mechanics Bank Vintage Grand Prix, I had the opportunity to help the media interns Mike and Jenna run the car shows. It was very interesting to see where all the car owners came from and what they drove. We had participants from all over the country and from all walks of life which was nice to see that much diversity at Mid-Ohio. While having participants sign waivers for the Parade Lap, I noticed that most owners were more worried about the safety of their cars than their own well being (which I could relate to). After the car show was underway and running, it was time to return to the sales world which involved treating our sponsor Mechanics Bank to a VIP experience. This included providing pace car ride Hot Laps for a lucky number of guests. I believe that everyone who received a pace car ride was completely satisfied with their experience. They didn’t even have to say a word when they got out of the car. By the looks on their faces, I could tell they had a great time. Coming up next, we move into the two-wheeled racing world, which I am very excited for! See you at BSBW!
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