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RRGC: Just keeps going, and going, and going...


Brian Lacy of Marengo, Ill., has spent the last 23 of his 52 years on earth road racing, and this year he is trying to do it on the cheap.

His weapon of choice at the AMA Racing Road Race Grand Championships at the Mid-Ohio Sports ar Course in Lexington, Ohio? A 2004 Yamaha YZ450 motocrosser, modified for battle on the asphalt track.

His bike has a five-speed transmission out of a Yamaha YZ426, a carbon fiber front wheel he bought in an online auction, a magnesium rear wheel, front forks off a streetbike, a custom-made triple clamp, and bodywork meant for a Honda RS250 race bike.

"I race because I'm competitive, I have a desire to win," he said. But then he laughed, adding: "It's great if you like throwing your money down a dark hole."

Lacy blew up his transmission during practice today and his weekend of racing is over. But he hopes to rebuild the transmission next weekend so that he can compete in one more race this year.

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