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Acura Three Day Racing School

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Want to race? Of course you do. The quickest and best way to learn is our 3-Day Racing Program. Learn the fundamentals of driving on a racetrack and spend hours of seat time over three days fine-tuning your skills until you are qualified to compete in NASA or SCCA. Registration begins at 9 a.m. and class starts at 9:30 a.m., running until approximately 6 p.m. This course takes place at the venerable Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Day One

Learn why a vehicle performs the way it does and how to maximize that performance. We start in small groups, analyzing the different areas of driving at the limit. In the classroom, we cover vehicle dynamics, understeer & oversteer, skid control, braking, heel/toe downshifting and car placement. The majority of the day is spent in drills specifically created to help you understand each critical area of approaching and going through a corner. This practice culminates with an hour of on-track lapping following an instructor at the end of the day.

  • Classroom covers the physics and dynamics of driving, specifically at the limit
  • Learn proper seating position and how to best make inputs on the controls
  • Learn proper heel/toe downshifting to balance the car on corner entry
  • Skid car drill covers oversteer, understeer and loss of control recovery
  • High speed braking and trail braking drill dissects the corner and allows fine tuning of entry, apex and exit
  • Autocross teaches proper corner combination techniques for maximum speed and lap time. 30 second laps means lots of repetition. Laps are timed so you have concrete proof of your performance and improvement
  • End of day hour long lapping session behind an instructor to start learning the historic and technical Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Approximate Amount of Seat Time
Paddock Drills – 4 hours (minimum)
On Track Lapping – 1 hour (minimum)
*Subject to change

Day Two

We teach you not only how to be fast at the technical Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, but give you the skills to learn how to be fast at any racetrack. You’ll learn about different types of corners, topography and how it effects car placement and the proper wet line. Morning drills solidify high speed maximum braking and downshifting techniques and focus is spent on key areas of the track that contribute to the majority of a good lap time. The afternoon is spent learning the complete track by breaking it down in to smaller segments and practicing them repeatedly. You will also ride with the instructor and will learn proper passing techniques and practice them as you pass your instructor. The day ends with Open Lapping where you put all your skills to the test with wide-open track in front of you.

  • Morning classroom teaches corner types, proper car placement and rain driving
  • Afternoon classroom teaches passing techniques
  • High speed maximum braking & downshifting drill at end of back straight
  • Drive/learn the fastest line through “Madness”
  • Learn to maximize the entry to the Keyhole entering from the pro straight and the chicane
  • Passing drill on back straight to learn proper pass technique
  • Open lapping session at end of day

Approximate Amount of Seat Time
On Track Drills – 2 hours
On Track Segment Training – 1.5 hours (minimum)
On Track Open Lapping – 30 minutes (minimum)
*Subject to change

Day Three

Now that you have mastered all the skills of driving on the track, there are only two things missing: more seat time and your first ever start. The morning is dedicated to seat time and you’ll spend the majority of it in Open Lapping sessions. You will have the option to have an instructor do Lead/Follow with you to increase your speed, have an instructor ride with you or do laps at your own pace and speed. Multiple instructors – stationed in different corners – will provide feedback at the end of each session. After lunch, we will discuss starting techniques and you’ll do multiple practice starts and re-starts followed by a simulated race. The final sessions will be Open Lapping.

  • Full-course open lapping sessions with controlled passing areas
  • Instructor observation and feedback at the end of each lapping session
  • Option to Lead/Follow with an instructor during open lapping
  • Option to have an instructor ride with you during open lapping (limited)
  • Classroom discusses proper qualifying, start and race strategies
  • Practice starts (Pit straight & back straight)
  • Simulated start and race sessions
  • Instructor critique of in-car video at participants request (participant supplied)

Approximate Amount of Seat Time
On Track Open Lapping – 1.5 hours (minimum)
On Track Drills – 1 hours (minimum)
*Subject to change
*Schedule subject to change
*Please call (419)884-4000 to enroll. (Gift Certificates available here)

April 5 - 7
May 17 - 19
August 16 - 18
September 27 - 29
$2500 with your street-legal car
$500 additional for use of an Acura ILX

Must be purchased as a package. Dates can be taken separately within 1 year.

Participant lunch is provided. Additional lunches are available for purchase.

Cancellations or Changes must be received in writing (email, fax or letter). Upon receipt of the written notification, The Mid-Ohio School cancellations made 31 days or more prior to scheduled course date will be issued a refund less a $50 administrative charge. Reschedule for $0 fee.
Cancellations made 15-30 days prior to scheduled course date will be issued a 50% refund. Reschedule for $0 fee.

Cancellations made within 14 day prior to scheduled course date will not be issued a refund. Reschedule for $50 administrative charge.

NO SHOWS: If you do not show up for your scheduled course date, payments received will not be refunded. The Mid-Ohio School has no obligation to reschedule your course.

All courses will be held RAIN or SHINE.
Participants must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver's license to enroll.

All participants using a school vehicle are required to sign a liability waiver that states, in the event of damages to the vehicle, you would be responsible for up to $3500 in damages on day one, up to $6,750 in damages on day two and up to $6,750 in damages on day three.

All drivers should dress for the weather and must have closed toe shoes (no sandals or flip flops). Helmets must be worn while on track. The Mid-Ohio School has a limited supply of helmets that can be used at no additional charge but if you have your own, please bring it.

Using your street car for a class? The Mid-Ohio School recommends the following for all on-track programs:
Personal vehicles will be required to have, at a minimum, working factory installed restraint systems (working seat belts) or the equivalent. Tires should have at least 3/32 tread or be DOT approved race tires. Brake pads should be less than ¼ used, performance brake pads recommended. No visible fluid leaks. No convertibles permitted on Day 2 or Day 3 unless equipped with competition permitted aftermarket roll cage or removable hardtop. No SUV's, vans or trucks permitted.

Suggested maintenance to perform prior to arrival:
  • Torque wheels to recommended specs
  • Check/adjust tire pressure
  • Flush brake fluid system
  • Bring extra brake fluid and motor oil
  • Bring a tire gauge; air is available at track

Upon arrival:
  • Remove all loose items from vehicle
  • Check tire pressure often during the day
  • Re-torque wheels after one or two track sessions
"I recently attended the 3-day racing program at The Mid-Ohio School. The knowledge and experience that Todd and his professional team brought to the classroom/track is priceless. The training is very in-depth and prepared me thoroughly for my first race. If you are thinking about attending a racing school, I highly recommend Mid-Ohio as your number one choice!"
-- Mark Urban of Neward, Ohio

"Thank you for great racing school experience at The Mid-Ohio School! The instructors were awesome and very helpful and informative. I learned a lot from them. The level of instruction exceeded my expectations! Every minute of the classroom and on-track instruction was high quality and was an overall wonderful experience as I start my racing career! I will recommend The Mid-Ohio School to all of my friends that are looking to take their driving to the next level."
-- Rob Demorest of Demorest Autosport

"The team at The Mid-Ohio School did an awesome job providing an efficient way to get me ready to race. All winter, I was mainly focused on the fact that I might be overwhelmed in heavy traffic at the start, and being able to experience that under their watchful eye saved me some embarassing miscues in my first race weekend. And, if there was no other testament, I qualified 1st in my field and went on to win both races in my very first weekend going wheel-to-wheel. Thanks guys!"
-- Andy Wimmer (NASA GTS Driver) of Columbus, OH

"Having raced 700+ hp stint cars and 840 hp modifieds on dirt for the last 7 years, I found that it is just as exciting driving Acura's on a road course. The cars are great, the track is awesome and I can't say enough good things about the instructors. A nice mix of classroom and lots of track time made it an awesome experience.
-- Paul Habeck

"Had a blast at Mid-Ohio's racing school! Todd and the team of instructors were confidence-inspiring, the facilities are second to none, and I went into my first race weekend feeling prepared for anything. Thanks a million!"
-- Eric Pennington of Indianapolis, IN

"The Mid-Ohio School's racing program exceeded the expections of my son and I by a large margin. We did not expect the cars to be so well equipped and set up, nor did we expect the opportunity to repeatedly push our abilities to the limit. The instruction, both in the classroom and on the track, was first class. It was absolutely exhilarating to scoot through a corner, at what we perceived to be maximum speed, only to have one of you guys come on the radio with "nicely done, now I want to see you come in a little harder next time -- you can carry the braking through the corner a little longer." WOW! The passing drills were also awesome as you guys required us to MAKE the pass, you didn't just pull over and let us go. Great, great school!"
-- Joe and Jay Hayes of Lewisburg, WV

"The Mid Ohio School was great.  A ton of seat time and practical real world experience.  I will know what to expect on a race start, standing or flying, and that alone was well worht the investment!"
-- Dave Keller of Indianapolis, IN

The Mid-Ohio School Course Comparison Chart (PDF)
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