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Lapping days at The Mid-Ohio School

LEXINGTON, OH, August 19, 2014 -- You live for racing.You had season tickets for the two-wheel and four-wheel versions at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course this past summer and you’ve come away from all of the events just knowing that you were born to race cars on ovals or road/street tracks.

You’ve even set out along the path to making your dreams come true by previously completing the three-day Racing School earlier this year or the three-day High Performance program offered at The Mid-Ohio School in 2013.

Or you have a valid SCCA, NASA, Grand Am, or IMSA licence and you’re looking for quality, top-flight instruction and to learn the fast way around the iconic Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course at a high value price point.

Now it’s time to race.

Lapping Days – what are they? They call it lapping and the dictionary defines it “to get a lap or more ahead of (a competitor) in racing on an oval or road track.” Lapping days at The Mid-Ohio School are all about learning advanced racing techniques.

To do so is no easy task.

“You have to have intimate knowledge of the track and its racing lines (apexes) at each corner,” says Todd Snyder, Chief Instructor at The Mid-Ohio School. “That means you have to know where the racing line will be in a corner because you usually can’t see it when you start your turn.”

That takes intimate knowledge of the track and it is why racers learn to pace a track before an event; yes, they walk it.

What is the average course of activity look like during Lapping Days? On track? Off track?

Enrolees spend a full day lapping the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and learning why it has been called the “most competitive track in the United States. The highly experienced instructors at The Mid-Ohio School teach students the fastest way around Mid-Ohio, but also checkered flag techniques to keep them at the head of the pack.

“All of our instructors have a racing background with most of us having competed at the highest levels (INDYCAR, Daytona Prototype, etc.),” says Snyder. “Some of our instructors are current racers, trying to work their way up into the big leagues. They all know how to race and are good at passing along these lessons.”

The instructor-to-racer ratio is 1:5; with a class of 30 students, that would mean six instructors while a smaller class of six-eight students would have two instructors.

The lapping days candidates (those who qualify) will spend a minimum of two-and-a-half hours putting the racing lessons they have learned that day to practical use.

So, what kind of racer will emerge from Lapping Days?

“A much better one,” Snyder concludes.


Lapping Days at a glance:

• Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. Class begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends no later than 6:00 p.m.

• This course takes place at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, 7721 Lexington-Steam Corners Rd., Lexington, Ohio

• Van rides and a track walk examining the subtleties of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course with professional Championship winning Instructors

• Instructor lead-follow session to review and understand proper lines and techniques

• Full-course, open lapping sessions with controlled passing areas

• Options to lead/follow the instructors or ride with instructors during open lapping sessions

• Instructor observations, feedback and critique of driving skills at key areas of the track

• Instructor critique of in-car video at participants request

• On Track Drills - 1 hour

• On Track Open Lapping - 4 hours or more (subject to enrollment)

• Cars used? Acura ILX

• Program cost: $595.00

• Inquire about our special afternoon lapping program option

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