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Students to Test The Mid-Ohio School's Skid Car Sunday at Dublin's Teen Driving Roadeo

Honda Civic Skid Car makes its fourth appearance at the safe teen driving event

DUBLIN, OHIO (September 23, 2011) – For the fourth time, The Mid-Ohio School will bring its Honda Civic Skid Car to the Teen Driving Roadeo presented by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Dublin this Sunday, September 25.

The Mid-Ohio School is partnering with the Dublin Police Department and Washington Township Fire Department among other groups, to assist the Kiwanis Club of Greater Dublin with the event. The Honda Civic Skid Car is externally mounted on a hydraulic set of wheels, adjusted by a driving instructor to simulate loss of control and driving in inclement weather. As the car skids and spins out of control, the instructor, riding as a passenger, will teach the teen how to regain control of the car and get it pointed in a safe direction.

Over 250 teens are already registered for the event, promising to be the largest since its inception in 2007. Throughout the day, licensed teen drivers will get behind the wheel of the Skid Car, each getting a few laps around the course set up by The Mid-Ohio School at the Teen Driving Roadeo. Driver’s permit-holders will participate in Skid Car ride-alongs as passengers.

“The Mid-Ohio School recognizes the need to teach teens safe driving skills to help save lives now and in the future. The Skid Car is a great training tool in our Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program curriculum and we’re proud to partner with the Kiwanis Club of Greater Dublin to bring it to the Teen Driving Roadeo again,” said Craig Rust, president of The Mid-Ohio School.

For the fifth time, the Kiwanis Club of Greater Dublin hosts this hands-on program at Ashland, Inc., located at 5200 Blazer Parkway. Other learning stations included from 12 noon – 4:30 p.m. are maneuverability courses, vehicle maintenance and distracted driving prevention. Jaws of Life extraction, Med Flight in action and fatal vision goggles are some more features.

“The Kiwanis Club of Greater Dublin is very pleased that The Mid-Ohio School is returning to the Teen Driving Roadeo this year. The skid car is one of most popular driving stations we have and serves as a draw for students to attend the event. It gives them tools they can use in real life for when a skid occurs, they don’t panic and can correct it safely,” said Michael Hufford, vice president of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Dublin. “Our mission is to save a life. We sincerely feel that every year, we do just that by having The Mid-Ohio School as a partner.”

More information about the Roadeo can be found online at www.teendrivingroadeo.com. Registration is required but the event is free and will occur, rain or shine.

The Mid-Ohio School provides professional driving and riding instruction to drivers and motorcyclists of all skill levels. The school’s 16 automobile courses include Defensive Driving, High Performance and Racing programs. The motorcycle side features four Performance Track Riding formats. Students enjoy classroom sessions, skill drills, expert private instruction and lapping on the same track that challenges the world’s top racers. In 18 seasons, The Mid-Ohio School has 41,000 graduates, including 12,800 teenagers and 7,500 motorcycle riders. More information is available at www.midohioschool.com.
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