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The Mid-Ohio School to Host Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program Open House

With its mission to help save thousands of lives lost on U.S. roads each year, The Mid-Ohio School is inviting parents and teenagers to a free Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program Open House, on Saturday, October 27, at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio.

“This inaugural Open House is designed to provide parents and their teenagers an opportunity to experience our program and see first-hand – for free – that this is truly a life-saving program,” said Steve Bidlack, director of The Mid-Ohio School. “Unfortunately, national statistics have continuously demonstrated the need for comprehensive teen driver training above and beyond traditional driver’s education. Our program provides teens with the critical experience necessary to properly negotiate and react to everyday driving situations.”

The Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program provides teenagers the opportunity to practice emergency situations in a safe and controlled environment. In the classroom, instructors discuss driving basics and vehicle safety, covering the physics and dynamics of good driving, including collision avoidance and skid control. In the Vehicle Dynamics Center, teens apply their classroom knowledge through wet braking drills, an emergency lane change and collision avoidance exercise, vehicle maintenance talk and a skid car drill, which simulates weather conditions such as ice, snow and rain.

Participants attending the Open House will experience a short classroom and question and answer session followed by individual behind-the-wheel demonstrations of each of the program’s three drills: skid car, lane change and wet braking.

Program Itinerary

Saturday, October 27, 2007:

1:30pm • Arrival
• Preview: Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program in progress

2:00pm • Welcome and introductions: David Roush, General Manager of The Mid-Ohio School
• Brief sample classroom
• Question and answer session

3:00pm • Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program skills drills
• Q%26A with instructors and staff

5:00pm • Conclusion

Enrollment in the Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program Open House is available through The Mid-Ohio School’s toll-free number, 1-877-793-8667, or e-mail at driving@midohio.com, and participants must register by October 24 to take part. Teenagers must be accompanied by a parent and/or legal guardian to participate.

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