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Westfield Insurance to Host 200 Teenage Drivers to Road Safe Teens Program At The Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program

For the second consecutive year, Westfield Insurance, the official insurance sponsor of The Mid-Ohio School, is conducting the Road Safe Teens initiative at the school in Lexington, Ohio on May 2. 
The program will incorporate key elements from The Mid-Ohio School’s Honda Teen Defensive Driving course.  The group of students will learn about the physics of driving in a classroom session as well as participate in various behind-the-wheel exercises. 
“We try to give back to our community and policy holders by helping them protect the newest drivers in their neighborhood or in their home,” said Westfield Insurance COO Roger McManus.  “The Mid-Ohio School has an excellent program, and we’re glad to partner with them on this initiative.  When it comes down to it, we want to help save lives.”
The 200 students expected to attend, all from neighboring areas of Ohio, will spend time learning driving skills with the help of practical drills such as emergency lane changing and braking with and without the aid of Anti-Lock Brakes. 
“This is something we did last year as a part of our partnership with Westfield Insurance with much success, so we were so excited to do it again in 2009,” said Steve Bidlack, director of The Mid-Ohio School.  “It’s great that Westfield Insurance has taken the initiative to run a program like this.  This is a great pro-active measure to make teens better and safer on the road.”
In addition to the classroom theory and in-car instruction, a representative from Westfield Insurance will discuss the importance of safety from an insurance industry perspective while an Ohio Highway Patrolman will share experiences from the road with the participants.
In business over 160 years, Westfield Insurance provides commercial and personal insurance in 18 states and surety services to customers in 28 states.  Westfield is one of the nation’s 50 largest property and casualty insurance groups, represented by a network of more than 1,200 independent insurance agencies.  Learn more about Westfield Insurance at www.westfieldinsurance.com.
The Mid-Ohio School provides professional driving and riding instruction to drivers and motorcyclists of all skill levels.  The school’s 15 automobile courses include Defensive Driving, High Performance and Racing. The motorcycle side features five Performance Track Riding formats.  Students enjoy classroom sessions, skill drills, expert private instruction and lapping on the same track that challenges the world’s top racers.  In 16 seasons, The Mid-Ohio School has 31,500 graduates, including 10,500 teenagers. 
More information about TrueSports, Inc., Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and The Mid-Ohio School can be found at www.midohio.com. School enrollments are available by calling 1-877-793-8667. Track event and ticket information are available by calling 1-800-MID-OHIO. 
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