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Simraceway Announces Update to Its Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Circuit

Track’s Refurbishment Reflects Online Racing Game’s Ongoing Commitment to Authenticity

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(May 2013) - Ignite Game Technologies ("Ignite") today announced that it has released an updated version of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on its free-to-play online racing platform, Simraceway (http://simraceway.com/).

The raft of changes to the stunningly-recreated track, which has been offered to Simraceway players at no expense since its release in 2011, were carried out in order to optimize user experience and ensure the virtual circuit continues to perfectly mirror its real-life counterpart. The refurbished track will retake its place amongst the title’s growing collection of real-world circuits that form the authentic backdrop to its range of live, multiplayer races and big-prize Events.

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is just one of a long list of world-renowned motorsport facilities to announce an agreement with Simraceway, paving the way for its recreation in cyberspace. As part of the partnership, both parties are working to find innovative ways of engaging their audiences, taking advantage of the game’s constantly-updated online environment to offer the most relevant experiences possible.

However real-time, in-game marketing opportunities aren’t the only benefit third-parties can derive from an association with Simraceway, which enjoys a wide range of unique attributes.

The title, which counts four-time IndyCar Series winner Dario Franchitti and double Le Mans champion Allan McNish among its physics development team, is the only racing game to own a permanent, real-world racing facility—the Simraceway Performance Driving Center, based on Sonoma Raceway in California. This brings with it a range of advantages, including the provision of a ready-made test bed for in-game vehicles and an enviable destination for prize fulfilment.

The game also boasts its own proprietary skill-matching technology. “Skillquant”, the world's first 100-percent-accurate, real-time player skill quantification system, is able to precisely match players in order to provide them with truly competitive online racing experiences, regardless of their skill levels.

Another key to Simraceway’s popularity is the vast range of controllers it supports, from keyboards, mice, and gamepads to steering wheels and full sim rigs. The game also offers its own low-cost, pro driver-developed racing controller, the SRW-S1 Steering Wheel, to ensure as many players as possible can enjoy high-end control.

"Mid-Ohio was one of the first tracks we released into the Simraceway environment and it has been a regular venue for our Events and Quick Races ever since,” said Ignite CEO Jonathan Haswell.

“However, we’re always looking to improve our players’ on-track experiences, whether that’s by tweaking areas we’re not 100% happy with or simply mirroring changes made to the real-world facility. This update reflects that ongoing commitment and we look forward to Mid-Ohio becoming even more popular in the future.”

About Ignite Game Technologies

Ignite Game Technologies is a Silicon Valley-based online gaming company founded in 2008 by skill-quantification expert Jonathan Haswell to produce a new kind of racing game. The result, Simraceway, was launched in public beta in November 2011. The company counts four-time IndyCar Series winner Dario Franchitti and double Le Mans champion Allan McNish among its physics development team and benefited from the expertise of two-time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon before his death in 2011. It also has the distinction of being able to leverage a permanent real-world racing facility -- the Simraceway Performance Driving Center, based at Sonoma Raceway -- for R&D. To date Ignite has raised $25 million.

About Simraceway

Simraceway is a free-to-play online racing world that offers live, person-to-person racing, utilizing highly-accurate, simulation-grade driving physics. It leverages a client-server model similar to those on popular online games such as World of Warcraft™ and features current and historic licensed content from a variety of auto and racing brands including Bentley™, Bugatti™, Mitsubishi™, and Saleen™. Its continually-evolving racing environment is constantly supplemented with new features and content to fully reflect the fast-moving, real-world motor racing scene.

About Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

A comprehensive motorsports facility, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course features a permanent road-racing circuit with two primary configurations: a 2.4-mile, 15 turn, and a 2.25- mile, 13-turn circuit. The park-like, 330-acre complex is located in Lexington, Ohio, near Mansfield, 60 miles north of Columbus and 75 miles south of Cleveland. The track has been called the most competitive course in the U.S. and annually hosts a diverse lineup of locally, regionally and nationally sanctioned racing events for amateur, club and professional drivers and riders. Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course opened in 1962 and is owned and operated by Green Savoree Mid-Ohio, LLC.
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