Life Happens, That Shouldn't Stop Your Track Riding

Performance Track Riding: Twilight vs. Daytime

Look, we get it- it’s hard to get out to the track during the day. Work, children, pets, they all get in the way of you getting out on the track on your bike. Life happens, but we don’t want you to miss out on getting wheels on the course, so we offer Twilight Performance Track Riding. This program starts at 5:00pm and goes until dusk, so you get the chance to do what you love.

What’s the difference? Very little. You’ll get about the same amount of track time and instructors will still be out to assist you the entire time. The two major differences are that lunch is not provided and Twilight riders must be intermediate to advanced in skill set. We feel that novice riders will excel best during the daytime sessions but intermediate and advanced riders can hone their skills in the sunshine as well. Another difference is while we offer two-day session packages, Twilight sessions are not part of a package.

Frequent Riders Program

Again, here at the Mid-Ohio School, we understand that sometimes your schedule can get hectic; we want you out here on the track with us. When you join our Frequent Riders Program, we’ll do the worrying for you. Riding four days this year and one of those days your kid gets sick? No problem. Enrolled in seven days of riding, but there is a torrential downpour on two of those days?  Give us a call and we’ll reschedule it for you, no big deal. We’ve got your back.

The best part? Ride ten days and we’ll protect three… plus you’ll get a chance to win free riding for a year and free is always best, right?

Check out for more details on all our programs and sessions plus scheduling for both Daytime and Twilight Performance Track Riding.