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The Mid-Ohio School and Maria's Message Continue to Impact the Lives of Teenage Drivers

This Saturday is the Summer’s Final Safe Driving Day Offered; Classes Continue at The Mid-Ohio School this Summer and Fall

 LEXINGTON, Ohio (August 22, 2019) — The Mid-Ohio School instructors make their final of three stops this summer for a Maria’s Message Safe Driving Day in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday (August 24). This program exposes young drivers to the critical driving techniques of the school’s popular Teen Defensive Driving Program.

On September 17, 2013, 10TV sports anchor Dom Tiberi and his family lost their 21-year-old daughter, Maria, in a distracted driving accident. Since then, the Tiberis and their extended 10TV family have made it their mission to teach young drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and the lasting impact that it could have on their lives. This mission includes public service announcements, Maria’s Message presentations at area high schools, purchasing driving simulators for local enforcement agencies and school districts, and free defensive driving courses for teens by The Mid-Ohio School.

“The pros from the Mid-Ohio Driving School are amazing and because of them we are making a difference. The kids who take this course are simply better drivers at the end of the day,” said Dom Tiberi, 10TV sports anchor and founder of The Maria Tiberi Foundation. “They are taught maneuvers that are truly lifesaving. We are honored to partner with the professionals from Mid-Ohio.”

Three sessions involving about 90 students, who have pre-registered for class, will be held by The Mid-Ohio School on Saturday. The program will be at Thirty-One Gifts headquarters (3425 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH 43219) for those interested in watching the training in progress. To learn more about the program, please visit 10tv.com/marias-message

“In the six years we’ve partnered with The Mid-Ohio School on our Maria’s Message Safe Driving Days, we estimate we’ve helped about 1,400 young drivers become defensive, not distracted, drivers,” said Angela Pace, 10TV’s Director of Community Affairs. “Each class starts out the same way:  Grouchy kids not happy that mom or dad has dragged them out of bed, during summer vacation, to take some dumb driving course. Two hours later, those same kids are beaming with pride, so much more confident behind the wheel. 

“And that’s because “My Guys” … yes, they are My Guys … from Mid-Ohio have given them the tools they need to be safer drivers. They make it fun. They make it informative. They make it matter,” she continued. “Thank you, Mid-Ohio, for helping us to create a generation of safe drivers and for helping us to keep Maria’s Message alive”.

This program teaches techniques not found in typical drivers’ education classrooms. Instructors from The Mid-Ohio School put students behind the wheel to learn skills they will use throughout their driving lives. Students will practice emergency lane change, wet pavement braking, and skid car drills. Full-day classes are offered through the fall of the Teen Defensive Driving Program. Visit midohio.com/school to learn more and find remaining available 2019 course dates.


The Mid-Ohio School uses a fleet of Acura ILXs, Honda Civics, and Honda S2000s all custom-fitted with Cooper Tires to maximize the driving experience. Two of the vehicles are also equipped with skid systems to practice car control techniques for oversteer and understeer situations often encountered in inclement weather conditions.

Additional sponsors of The Mid-Ohio School include Coca-Cola, Comfort Inn, Malco, Sunoco, Quality Inn & Suites, Summit Racing, and Total Oil.



Based at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, in Lexington, Ohio, The Mid-Ohio School provides professional driving and riding instruction to drivers and motorcyclists of all skill levels. The school’s 16 automobile courses include the renowned Teen Defensive Driving program, as well as High Performance and Racing programs. The motorcycle side features two Performance Track Riding formats. Students enjoy classroom sessions, skill drills, expert private instruction and lapping on the same track that challenges the world’s top racers. The school is a past recipient of the prestigious Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Partners for Safety Award and partners with Maria’s Message each year to teach young drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. In 26 seasons, The Mid-Ohio School boasts 74,968 all-time graduates, including almost 22,000 teenage drivers and 19,000 motorcyclists.

For more information, visit midohioschool.com, ‘like’ its Facebook page @TheMidOhioSchool or follow updates on Twitter @MidOhioSchool.


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