Frequent Rider Program

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The Frequent Rider Program is designed to reward Mid-Ohio's regular Performance Track Riders with rescheduling flexibility and a few other perks.  Simply purchase 4 track days or gift certificates from Mid-Ohio in the same season to reap the rewards.

As a Frequent Rider, there are no late registration fees.

Riders are permitted to reschedule a limited number of track days.  Rescheduling fees are waived if we are notified prior to the riders meeting for that track day. 
  * Purchase 4 days - reschedule one day with no fee
  * Purchase 7 days - reschedule two days with no fees
  * Purchase 10 days or more - reschedule three days with no fees

All Frequent Riders are invited to ride for FREE on Appreciation Day.  All Frequent Riders are automatically entered in a drawing held on Appreciation Day for a chance to WIN FREE TRACK DAYS IN 2025 equal to the number of paid days in the 2024 season!

Frequent Rider benefits do not carry over from the previous year or into the following year.  The season's count will only include paid track days and gift certificates purchased directly from Mid-Ohio in the same season.  Frequent Rider benefits cannot be transferred to another rider.