Here are some answers to questions we're frequently asked about The Mid-Ohio School and our programs. Those marked with an * are specific to our Performance Track Riding programs.
What kind of transmissions do the school cars have?
Most of the Acura ILX vehicles have standard transmissions, though a limited number of automatic transmission Acura ILXs are available. All of the Honda Civics have automatic transmissions. The Honda S2000 roadsters are all manual transmission vehicles.
Where can I stay if I'm travelling in?
How does the Skid Car work?
Can I use my own car or motorcycle?
May I use my convertible car?
What should I wear?
Will helmets be provided?
Will lunch be provided?
*What preparations are essential to my bike?
*Will gas be available to buy?
*What time do gates open?
*What about check-in/registration?
*Which group goes on track first?